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Increase your business revenue. Guaranteed by contract.

We help businesses grow through paid traffic and sales systems. 

50+ clients in 45 days

Check out what we did for one of our clients in the fitness industry.

Some of our clients' numbers

No, we don’t measure clicks and views because they don’t pay the bills. We focus on bringing more cash flow into your business to enable you to grow and expand. Here are some results we achieved.

Commercial Solar Panel Company

California and NYC Based Company. Our team created a landing page and a Meta campaign that resulted in these results.

$23.1K USD
Leads Generated
$182.4K USD
Time Period
4 Months
Real Estate Agency

We used Meta Ads and Google Ads for remarketing to generate this kind of results. Also, we were consulting their sales team.

Leads Generated
$117.5K USD
Time Period
6 months
Payment System (POS) Company

A New Switzerland Based Company.
All their past clients came from their personal network. We helped them gain an edge through Meta ads, resulting in cheap and highly qualified leads.

CHF 7,745.69
Leads Generated
CHF 20,146 + Recurring revenue
Time Period
5 months

*30 day guarantee

Our Guarantee

For the fist 30 days of our cooperation we legally oblige ourselves to a money back guarantee. Within those 30 days you have the right to request your money back if you are dissatisfied with our service. No questions asked.

We specialize in paid traffic

Unlike other agencies that do everything under the sun, we only run paid ads with sales consulting. This allows us to focus on the only thing that matters, increasing revenue for your business.

*30 day guarantee

Meet The Team

Meet the Spika squad – a tight-knit team of digital dynamos, on a mission to help businesses conquer the online world with an arsenal of killer strategies and a dash of humor.

Jakov Fabijanić

Operations manager (Europe)

Marijan Filipović

Sales manager (Europe)

Juan Martin Viñas

Operations manager (South America & USA)

Lurdes Moreno

Head media buyer (South America & USA)

Juan Francisco Furfuri Altamira

Software developer & landing page specialist

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you’ll have quite a few questions so we answered the most frequent ones.

We only want to work with customers that get results and value the service. This guarantee is so both you and us can test if we’re a good fit.

We pick the best paid traffic sources for your product or service, wether it is google ads of meta ads. The leads will come through our custom CRM. We’ll configure follow ups and automations so you never miss an opportunity and then it is up to you to do the sales.

We charge for our services based on the budget we manage on your behalf. Our prices start from €700 for campaign management.